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By: POPPMusic.net, Newark, NJ and Detroit, MI

 @ http://www.poppmusic.net

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ANGEL TAYLOR – Singer, Songwriter and Performer


POPPMusic.net is Now Digging and Listening to the Aware Records/Sony Music wonderful recording artist and singer ANGEL TAYLOR @ http://www.last.fm/music/Angel+Taylor By: POPPMusic.net @ http://www.poppmusic.net

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Talking about YouTube – Utada Hikaru – Can You Keep a Secret

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POPPMusic.net – The New Music Company

POPPMUSIC.net and the record label imprint, Popp Incorporated (POPP
INC) was formed in Detroit, Michigan. POPPMusic is now a music
production company which produces mostly Alternative Music; interactive
media; and music of new sounds: Neo-Soul and Alternative R&B music
(cool-out, hip-house, rock, electronic, reggae, metal, Afro-Punk) and
new musical dimensions of Black America (i.e., non-traditional R&B)
created by musical performing artists in the U.S.A.

By: POPPMusic.net at: http://www.poppmusic.net, USA

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Talking about YouTube – KYRA SIMONE- FIX YA HAIR

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