The 4 yr Anniversary show feat Carleen Anderson! 08/26 by Epiphany Castro | Blog Talk Radio

The 4 yr Anniversary show featuring UK Singer Carleen Anderson! 08/26 by Epiphany Castro | Blog Talk Radio.

To: Fans of Alternative R&B Music, Our Network Friends, and Music Lovers: listened to the 4th Year Anniversary Show featuring Carleen Anderson with host, Epiphany Castro at: in Entertainment

Greetings: This is (the Alternative R&B Music Production Team). We will certainly log in for your Blog (Epiphany Castro) segment with UK singer, performer, songwriter, musician, and poet (visual/audio) CARLEEN ANDERSON at: We are a huge fan, and enjoy all of her wonderful music, especially her albums, “True Spirit” and “Soul Providence”, and her musical work with the group, Young Disciples.

By:, Detroit, MI and Newark, NJ, USA at:


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